Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Person

Happy Veterans Day!

In honor of Veterans Day, here's a picture of my favorite veteran. I might be biased because he's also my husband.

I like to brag about him sometimes and today just gives me an excuse. It's easy to list off some of the best things about him (how good, sweet, and gentle he is...), but here are ten of the little things that I like the most:

1. The way he curls his toes when he's really and truly happy.

2. That peculiarly happy gait he has when he walks.

3. I love watching him completely geek over something he's just learned.

4. The way he wraps me up in his arms and it feels like the safest place in the world.

5. I love the way he dances with me to cheer me up.

6. The way his voice sounds when he reads to me or tells me about his day.

7. That "in public" voice he uses that sounds like Phil from Modern Family.

8. I love commiserating with him when the existential dread sets in a little too heavy for the day.

9. The way he loves my family and how comfortable they are together.

10. I love the way he looks at me with those big brown eyes that tell me he loves me back the same way as I love him.

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